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Bonjour,comment vas-tu mon ami?

Hospitality stems from the history of France. In the middle Ages, young gentlemen traveling the world, diplomatic emissaries and princess stayed in the most beautiful residence in town and the most important people fought for the honor of being able to host them.

Human value were the once that gave the reputation for excellence. The French art of hospitality is mainly founded upon guest satisfaction .Hosts must thus possess specific qualities that vatel strives to develop for its students during their schooling: respect, discretion, an open mind towards other cultures, a desire to please others and create an emotion, knowing how to be a good listener, how to warmly welcome others, having a sound general culture etc.


France has a rich culture and diverse growth in tourism field as many tourist worldwide visit Paris as a city of love with historical places to be explored defining the cultural of the medieval era. If you have studied the French cultural and fluency of the language can help you in the booming tourism industry.

It is occasionally called as hospitality language, therefore most of the linguistic expression which concerns to and represent hospitality domain throughout the stay of the guest, follows some scripted dialogues, such as the use of a rather fixed vocabulary of welcoming and serving a guest and the etiquette required to a formal behavior rules.


  • French as the mother tongue and official language: In the modern world, it is the mother tongue as well as the official language of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Guyana, French Polynesia, Futuna and Canada.
  • French is the language of teaching: It is the language of teaching in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Laos and Maurice Island.
  • French as the official language: It is the local official language of jersey, Val d ’Aoste, Louisiana and Pondicherry.
  • French is the language of codification.
  • French is the main language of European Economic community.
  • French is the main working and official language of U.N.O.
  • French is again becoming an international language of diplomacy: From 17th to 19th century, French was the international language of diplomacy but in 20th century English become the international language of diplomacy.
  • French is a privileged language of literature.

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